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The Academy publishes a Newsletter at least twice a year. The Newsletter contains information about conferences, new members, the activities of the Board, publications, subscriptions, annual meetings and many other news items of interest to members. It is initially distributed by e-mail.


AIP Newsletter 1, 2008                 AIP Newsletter 2, 2008                  AIP Newsletter 3, 2009


AIP Newsletter 4, 2009                 AIP Newsletter 5, 2010                  AIP Newsletter 6, 2010

AIP Newsletter 7, 2011                 AIP Newsletter 8, 2011                  AIP Newsletter 9, 2012

AIP Newsletter 10, 2013               AIP Newsletter 11, 2014                AIP Newsletter 12, 2014 


AIP Newsletter 13, 2015               AIP Newsletter 14, 2015                AIP Newsletter 15, 2016

AIP Newsletter 16, 2017

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If you have a general query about the Academy please contact Dr Susie White, our administrator, at or at the postal address given below. Members of the Board will be happy to answer any specific points that you may wish to address to them.



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Académie Internationale de la Pipe

Pipe House Chapel

Garth Road

Garth, Llangollen

LL20 7UY

United Kingdom



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