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Morelli moon pipe


This is a wonderfully designed red clay pipe shaped like the moon in its typical crescent shape. The face of the moon is finely formed and highlighted with gold. The same application of gold is used on the outer edge of the moon shape. The clay is carefully burnished on the smooth surfaces as well as the face.

Morelli, a pipe manufacturer from Marseille, France, is known for his high quality red and brown clay pipes with gold finish. This application of gold is the same as with the high quality pipes made in Tophane, Turkey. For reference please see "Morelli and the Tophane pipe" in our 2013 Journal

The mark on this pipe was previously unknown. It simply says "Morelli" in a cartouche. The pipe is 5.3 cm. tall 

Fig. 1. Front-left view of the pipe.

Fig. 2. Rear-left view.

Fig. 3. Front view clearly showing the gilding.

Fig. 4. Detail of the stub-stem showing Morelli mark and the traces of burnishing.

Fig. 5. Top view showing the oval shaped furnace.

Fig. 6. 19th century illustration of the sun and moon, original publication unknown. Courtesy iStock photo




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