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Publication has always been a central activity for the Academy.  Our Journal is the primary means by which the Academy disseminates the results of its activities.  It is an academic publication containing research papers and notes on all types of pipes and associated research.



The annual journal is free to members for the years in which they have paid their annual subscription, but may also be purchased by non-members. The first price given is for members, the second price is for non-members. Prices exclude postage and packing.

To order: Contact Susie on who can provide full shipping costs and payment details.

Click here to view the digital version of selected volumes.

Articles for submission should follow our Notes for Contributors and be sent to the editor ( 


- Notes for Contributors

AIP Newsletters

The Academy publishes a Newsletter at least twice a year. The Newsletter contains information about conferences, new members, the activities of the Board, publications, subscriptions, annual meetings and many other news items of interest to members. It is initially distributed by e-mail.


AIP Newsletter 1, 2008                 AIP Newsletter 2, 2008                  AIP Newsletter 3, 2009


AIP Newsletter 4, 2009                 AIP Newsletter 5, 2010                  AIP Newsletter 6, 2010

AIP Newsletter 7, 2011                 AIP Newsletter 8, 2011                  AIP Newsletter 9, 2012

AIP Newsletter 10, 2013               AIP Newsletter 11, 2014                AIP Newsletter 12, 2014 


AIP Newsletter 13, 2015               AIP Newsletter 14, 2015                AIP Newsletter 15, 2016

AIP Newsletter 16, 2017               AIP Newsletter 17, 2018

The Pipe Year Book & Annales

From 1994 to 2008 the Académie produced a small colour publication with notes and short articles by its members. Some of the later issues of these Year Books (1998-2008) are still available. Contact Susie on for more information and current prices.













The Académie Annales were published in two languages – French and English – in a single volume and contain members’ contact details, reports from meetings and conferences, and details of any new publications.  The Annales are no longer produced but a small number of back issues are still available.


Click here for a searchable contents list for the year books produced between 1995 and 2008.


Here is a small selection of articles from the Pipe Year Book.


Barton T. and Rapaport, B., 1994, ‘Ethnograpica Described: The Naga Pipes of Northeast India’, 60-65.

Haan, R. de, 1997, ‘La Pipe du Réserviste’, 87-91.

Vandalis, G., 1999, ‘Quelques Remarques sur les Pipes du Cameroun’, 55-63.

Haan, R. de, 2001, ‘Hard Rubber and Other Early Plastic Pipes’, 71-76.

Garreau, M., 2002, ‘Essay on Gambier’s Animals and Recollections of J. J. Grandville’, 39-44.

Delon R. and Gouault, P., 2005-6, ‘Plus de 100ans D’Existence du Scaferlati Caporal Pour Pipe: “le Gris”, Un Mythe?,  136-147.

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