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Napoleontic porcelain pipe, "l' Aigle"


This featured pipe is a copy of sorts. The basis of the design is l'Aigle by Gambier who originally manufactured this model in clay. This porcelain pipe is virtually identical with only a few minor difference.


 The pipe depicts the french eagle standing on a ball bearing the names of the countries France was in war with. These read: Espagne, Autriche, Turquie, Italie, Pologne, Russie, Belgique, Sardaigne, Portugal and Hollande.

Around the basis is the text: "Honneur a l' armee Francaise" and "NapoleonBonaparte, Empereur". 

Behind the semi-spread wings of the eagle is a tower which forms the furnace of the pipe. Mentioned on the walls of the tower are the names of the battlefields the French army led by Napoleon fought. At the base of the tower is a small statue of Napoleon and on the other side a tree in high relief.


The pipe is made of fine porcelain, fully glazed and decorated with gold paint (enamel?). It stands 6.4 cm. tall and measures 6 cm measured from the front of the ball to the rim of the stub-stem. Made in France, ca. 1880.

Fig. 1. Front-left view of the pipe.

Fig. 2. The tower stands tall behind the eagle's semi-spread wings.

Fig. 3. Right-rear view showing Napoleon at the base of the tower..

Fig. 4. The statue of Napoleon. This is finer executed then the clay counterpart by Gambier.

Fig. 5. Front-left view of the pipe.

Fig. 6. Rear-left view of the pipe.​

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