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Opulence for the Ottoman market


This featured pipe is an exceptional example French craftsmanship. This opulent pipe was intended for the Ottoman market.


The pipe bowl is made of copper and decorated with luxurious enamel work. The base color of the enamel is black. On this layer is an intricate pattern of relief pressed gold leaf. The top enamel layer is in transparent , green (emerald), blue (Sapphire) and red (Ruby). The same enamel decoration can be found on the lid. and the stub-stem. The fitments of this pipe are made of gilded silver, hallmarked with the French boar's head (Fig. 4.).

The stem of this pipe is a wonderful orientalist compilation of ivory which incorporates a crescent moon, albatross bone (the main body) and amber for the mouthpiece. The sections are fused together with gilded ferrules.

This pipe measures 51 cm. in full length. The dimensions of the pipe bowl are 9 x 7 cm.​

Fig. 1. Right-side view of the pipe showing the full intricacy of the enamel decoration.

Fig. 2. The complete pipe.

Fig. 3. Detail of the relief gold foil details in the enamel. The "oak leaves" are only 9 mm. long!

Fig. 4. Detail of the relief gold foil details with color application.

Fig. 5. Rear view of the pipe clearly showing the lid and stub-stem section with identical enamel decoration.

Fig. 6. Underside of the pipe bowl .

Fig. 7. Ivory section with crescent moon.

Fig. 8. Gourd shaped amber mouthpiece.



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