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A political parody in meerschaum


This featured pipe bears a political message. The pipe is shaped like a 19th century gentleman in waistcoat and tailed jacket riding a dachshund. In 19th century political parody the dachshund stands for Germany. Which nation the gentleman represents is unclear but he is definitely controlling the dachshund.

Meerschaum pipes modeled like full figures are rare to find and typically depict mythological scenes. There are no markings on this pipe but it is probably made in the Austro Hungarian Empire, around 1870.  


 The pipe is 12 cm. tall, measured from the base to the top of his hat. It is 10 cm. long. 

Fig. 1. Front-left view of the pipe.

Fig. 2. right hand view.

Fig. 3. Right-rear view.

Fig. 4. Detail of the dachshund head.

Fig. 3. Front-right view of the pipe.

Fig. 6. Bottom view of the pipe.​

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